They are past 6 weeks old now! Only another week or so until all the puppies find new homes! They have been so cute this week. They are so soft and cuddly and their colors are all so beautiful. Now if I could only do something about their awful habit of waking me up at 6am every morning by screaming loudly in my general direction. They are also hopping around the room, having full blown "Pit Fits" and administering lots of kisses in their "off time"! Oh yea, "Pit Fit" is a term I use to describe the sudden burst of energy that Pit Bulls get where they run around the room almost like a child on a sugar overdose. They don't know why they are running and don't run to any one place, and are usually in large laps from one room to another and back again. Anyone that has ever had a Pitty most likely has seen this type of random behavior. 

         At the beginning of the week the pups all went over to my brothers house and spent a couple of hours over there. Tank and Harley actually stayed the night over there one night too. I got good reports when we picked them back up. My 4 year old nephew, Dakota, has a favorite and was even offering to trade one of their full grown dogs for one of the puppies. Of course, my sister-in-law gave a much better offer. She offered to trade a 4 year old child for one of the puppies. It was a difficult descision, but in the end I had to choose the puppy mainly for the well-being of the rest of the litter. On the other hand, I wonder if there is much of a market for kids his age. :p 

Here's some photos from their visit...
      With them being gone, we got a chance to clean up and make the puppy area more organized. The puppies have a tendency to try to play with the puppy pads, so I put together a stack of pads and nailed them on top of each other for easy removal and play-proof use. For the most part, they are using the area that these are in. Every now and then one of them will decide that they are going to rebel and not use the pad. And that little rebel gets shot with a spray bottle of water. That, by the way is a very useful tool. William would usually just tell them no and tap their butts with a rolled up newspaper. It didn't hurt much (probably at all even) and it made noise that scared them. Yea, that works... kinda. Most of them seemed to think that he was trying to play with them, which was really not teaching them a thing. With the water bottle I can say a command and spray from a long distance for immediate correction. It's a beautiful thing!

            They got their worming medicine again this week and also got their first puppy shots. I took them all to Southern Agriculture for the shots, which is my absolute favorite place to go to buy toys and "Piggys" (pig ears) for Draigah. I think it's Draigah's favorite place to go to as well! She always sniffs all the toys and trys to grab-and-go in the treats isle. We took her to PetSmart one time when we first got her at 3 months old, but she was still kinda down in the dumps from leaving her family so she didn't enjoy it at all. Anyway, the puppies were all the talk of the store when we showed up with all of them in one of the wide buggies. So many people stopped to pet and talk to them and ask questions. The vet even took a small break to hold some of them and comment on how she thought they were the most beautiful litter she had ever seen. When they were all done getting their shots, we bought them all new collars cause they were almost completely grown out of the ones they were wearing. So, they are on their 3rd set of collars now. Oh, and we also bought then 5 new squeeky toys too. 

             The time sure is closing up fast on the amount of time we have left to spend with them. I have a lot of things still to prepare for their new owners and my husband is out of town again for a couple of the days, so I will just have to try my best to get everything completed. That being said, I am going to wrap this up and get a few more photos uploaded from the week.  

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