The Puppies

Below you will find a recent photo of each puppy, as well as 
other information about them. 

If you do decide to purchase a puppy from me you will be getting more than just a dog. He/she will be a family member that will bring joy and happiness to you for the rest of their life. With your purchase you will also get a customized goody bag with a lot of useful information, toys and photos. Each puppy will go to their new homes with different things, but here is a general idea of what you will get.


Included in the Bag...

1.) ADBA Registration Papers
2.) Vaccination Records
3.) A collar 
4) 3 toys- a hard rubber chew toy, a rope and a ball
5.) A photo album
6.) At least 15 photos of 
your puppy 
7.) Your puppies handmade baby collar
8.) A personalized homemade birth announcement with the puppy's actual 3 day-old paw prints

9.) Information on socializing your puppy
10.) Recommended Vaccinations page 
11.) Health Record Sheet
12.) A 1-in-11 (or greater) chance to win a $100 gift card to PetSmart or Southern Agriculture
13.) Informtion on potty training, positive training methods for tricks and everyday activities as well as help with excessive barking.  

If you notice, most of these things are not something you would normally recieve when you buy a puppy. 
As a matter of fact, #1 is most likely the only thing you would normally go home with besides the dog. So why do I want to include these things? Simple... because I wish I would have had all these things when I got my dog. I wanted to raise a well behaved, respectful and healthy dog and I did, but through trial and error. It's a bit like having children. There's no manual, no step by step guide, and we learn by mistakes. Every dog is different, but if you learn how to communicate with your dog, you will find dog ownership a very rewarding experience. 

And, without further ado... meet the puppies!


Male #1



COLORING: Red with a white chest and a small white spot on his chin and nose

INFO: When sleeping, Boomer will often sleep by himself, but when awake, will play until he tires. When held he often stays still and doesn't get overly excited. When outside he likes to stay by our side and besides familiar surroundings.

Male #2



COLORING: Dark Black Brindle with a large white chest and white on his chin and paws

INFO: Bolt got his name from the white patch on his chest that resembles a lightning bolt. He is always very spunky and loves to be held. When outside he has so much energy! He has a wide stance and has displayed a lot of upper body strength when climbing the tall walls we have as dividers in the house.

Male #3




COLORING: Red with a small white patch on his chest

INFO: Diesel is the second biggest puppy of the litter. He is really playful with everything and everyone and is ALWAYS the first one to want to go outside. 

Male #4



COLORING: Black Brindle and a white chest

INFO: Tank is the biggest puppy in the litter. After picking some of the other pups up on day, I picked this puppy up and said "Man, you are a tank!". The name stuck. He is an absolute love bug. He likes being around the other pups, but loves his one on one time with humans. His face looks a lot like his Daddy's did when he was a puppy.


Female #1



COLORING: Black Brindle with a large white chest and chin. 

INFO: Jaida plays well with her litter mates and loves to play with her mom. She is often one of the first to come with being called and prefers to be inside as opposed to outside. 

Female #2



COLORING: Black Brindle with a small white spec on her chest. 

INFO: Dejah was the second female puppy to be born, and looked a lot like Jaida, who had been born just before her. Therefore, Dejah's name came from the feeling of "Deja Vu". She is one of the two sweetest pups we have. She always wants to be around us when inside, and loves to play with her mom outside. She will often wake up and immediately give us "kisses" 

Female #3



COLORING: Red with a small white patch on her chest

INFO: Harley has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. We call her 'little miss attitude' sometimes because of the playful noises she makes. She loves being able to go outside and run around. 

Female #4




COLORING: Dark Black Brindle with a white chest

INFO: Suki is my husbands favorite. She has bold eyes and loves being held and getting belly rubs! She is the smallest female we have but has a heart bigger than all the others. 

Female #5



COLORING: Red with a small white patch on her chest

INFO: Kara is the most playful pup we have. She is also the most dominate one among the pups too. She will put on a big show when it comes to trying to get our attention, but as soon as she gets picked up, will act like a different dog and just enjoy her petting. 

Female #6



COLORING: Black Brindle with a small white patch on her chest.

INFO: Khali is the sweetest puppy of the litter towards humans. She loves being held and much like her sister, Dajah, will wake up and want to love on us if we are around. She prefers inside play time and lots of it!

Female #7



COLORING: Red and Black Tiger Striped with a white chest

INFO: T-Bone was the first puppy to get a name. The white on her chest is in the shape of a "T". She is a big ball of energy while playing both inside and outside. She used to be be the first one outside until Diesel stated taking over that job, so now she a close second out the door. Her face looks like her moms and she cries like her daddy (it's a cute cry).