All of the babies milk teeth are in now and all I can seem to think is "poor Draigah...". She has started feeding them less and they are eating more and more of the puppy food. The screaming for their momma has started to catch on to a few more pups now. Their colors are much more prominent now. There are 4 Buckskin and 7 Black Brindles, one of which is tiger striped. . 

       They also got their second dose of worming medicine. William held them, I tilted their heads back and dispensed the medication, they swallowed, the head came down, they got a kiss from each of us, and they got put down. All of them did really well... with the exception of #10. She started the same as all the others... William held her, I tilted her head, put the medication in her mouth and then she proceeded to act like a 3 year old that had just been fed some brussel sprouts. She held it in her mouth and acted like she was going to spit it out the second we put her down and looked away. William just held her and I giggled while rubbing her throat a little to try to get her to swallow it. Eventually she did, but it took a good two minutes. We both kissed her and put her down. Silly girl!

         As far as Draigah's injuries go, she fully recovered from the accident around the middle of the week. She is now finished taking her pain medication from the accident as well as her antibiotic that she's been taking since she whelped the pups. 

        Christmas photos were this week too! They are in order from 1 to 11, but each photo is also marked in the caption. None of the really wanted to stay awake for me once they got placed on the soft cuddly blankie, so I did the best I could.

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