Week #1- Getting The Hang Of Things - The Little Munchkins
     The first week of the babies being here we spent a lot of time making sure Draigah was comfortable and helped her as much as we could. That many pups is very hard to manage, and even though she has quite a bit of space it's still sometimes difficult trying not to lay on one and to make sure they all get fed. Yes, the first couple of days were a bit hectic and sleepless, but things started getting better for all of us after that. 

        I made pink and blue collars for each of the pups that are numbered so we can easily keep track of which ones have eaten, gotten medicine, noted personality differences, as well as to try to keep track of photos. Draigah is doing really good with feedings and taking care of all of them. We are starting to see her be away from them a little bit more at this point. Now, rather than us having to make her go outside, Draigah has started letting us know when she needs to go potty. Around day 7 we even played ball with her for a couple of throws before she wanted to go back inside. The pups eyes are still closed, but they did get their nails trimmed on around day 10. Draigah is now spending parts of the night in our room with us, away from the pups, but is quick to return to them as soon as she hears them make a peep. My husband and I are able to sleep through the night now without waking up scared and getting up to check on them. They are all growing up way too fast already...   

Click Here to see all the photos that were taken this week!
Sorry I didn't post them on the blog, I am having difficulties.

7/19/2012 10:35:25

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