Draigah whelped the first pup at 12:30am on November 30th and continued until 4pm when her 13th one was born. One of the pups died a couple hours after being born and the 13th pup was stillborn. The other 11 are still going very strong. There are 7 females and 4 males. When they were whelped, they were all between 7-9 oz, and now, on day 2 they weigh between 9.6oz and 12.4oz. Nobody but the puppies are getting much sleep at this point, and Draigah is taking naps as they become available. This is her first litter and it is amazing to see how much she knows just from instinct. She is doing really well, but relies heavily on us to bring food and water to her and to coax her to go outside and go potty. She definitely wants to keep a close eye on her babies. 

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    Here you will find a collection of weekly puppy diaries that you can use to follow us as we raise these 11 puppies from day 1 to 8 weeks. Or, come back and look later for updates as the puppies grow up.

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