This week sure has been a big one for changes! I took apart their whelping box and blocked off everything in the living room except the couch. I let two out at first. They got used to the new environment and Draigah played with them. Then, I put two more out. Same thing, no big deal. They all started to go to sleep. So then, I let four more out. At this point, Draigah was getting pretty curious about what going on and why her privacy was being invaded. As soon as Draigah and the new round of pups started playing, I grabbed the last 3 and released them. Draigah about flipped. She was hopping from one place to another because they were all nipping at her at the same time. Poor girl! We let her go upstairs to the bedroom where she mainly stays now since the puppies have been released. 

        As with all previous changes, the puppies were upset at first about the changes. It was something unfamiliar to them and they weren't sure of their surroundings. It was late at night when they made their move and I had not put a puppy pad down anyplace except where they had been in the whelping box. I woke up in the morning to find all of the puppies sleeping, not on the 4x4 pillowed dog bed I had made for them (and that they were familiar with in the whelping box), but instead, sleeping in a tight bundle on the carpet. They played on the played on the pillow bed, but they wouldn't nap on it. Turds! Speaking of turds... there were little bombs all over the place when I woke up, which I skillfully avoided as I made my way to the kitchen to replenish their food and water. 

Since that first night, they all have been crawling up the couch and sleeping there instead. Most of them can get up onto it on their own, without any help. I think this whole couch thing got started because when Draigah would come into the living room, she would immediately jump from the last step to the couch to try to stay away from their nipping mouths. So, thanks to her, many of their upper bodies will have some muscle on it from pulling themselves up onto the couch so often! Also, now that they have access to the front door, as soon as they hear the door open they all stampede their way around the corner and to the front door to greet us. It's TOO cute!    

         And finally, all the babies got names! Yup! After much waiting we have named all of the little rascals and I am rather pleased with the names. I will include the list with the names below and go through some of the website and update some of the information with names instead of numbers. As you know, two of the pups have been named since week one; T-Bone and Bolt. T-Bone got her name from a white "T" that is on her chest. And Bolt got his name because the white patch that goes from his chin to his stomach resembles a lightning bolt. Now originally I had picked out the name "Axel" for puppy #9. However, shortly after he was names, I picked him up and noticing how big he was, said "Geez, your built like a tank!". Hmm, wonder what his name got changed to? Well, without further a due here is the list!

Puppy #3-  Jaida
Puppy #4- Dejah 
Puppy #5- Harley
Puppy #7- Suki
Puppy #8- Kara
Puppy #10- Khali
Puppy #11- T-Bone


Puppy #1- Boomer
Puppy #2- Bolt
Puppy #6- Diesel
Puppy #9- Tank

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