The puppies have changed so much this week! They woke up on the first day of the week and started eating softened puppy chow that was placed inside their whelping box for Draigah. Later in the week they started drinking the water. Also, on that first day, they started trying to get out of the box and into the living room! Some of them have started "screaming" when Draigah leaves them. Poor babies! I can see that there is pressure where their milk teeth are going to start coming in. They have started actually running around a lot more and playing with each other as well as their toy balls and ropes. Their nails got trimmed this week again, they seemed to care a bit more this week, probably because they weren't halfway asleep like they were before. William came home from off the road and was floored to see how much bigger they got in the last week. I took their Christmas photos (coming soon) and also added a video of a "Vicious Pit Bull Fight" to You Tube. Click on the video to view and comment on it. 


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